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    Learn about the most recent developments and updates to the Grandview District Curriculum!

    Teacher Training Videos for LanSchool

    This course is designed with videos and documented tutorials that should welcome and introduce staff members into the world of Moodle at Grandview.  The videos are short and simple.  As always, if there are concerns that arise or questions that need answers, please do not hesitate to ask.  We all struggle at times.

    Grandview High School's reading class is for students looking to improve their reading skills and comprehension. Students will do a variety of reading, from novels to magazine articles, from short stories to essays. 


    In this course, we will discuss gross income and net income, record keeping, checking and savings accounts, cash and credit purchases, loans, vehicle transportation, housing costs, insurance, and investments.   YOU will determine what you get out of this class, because I will try to focus on what is important to YOU!

    Class Information

    Welcome to Mrs. Greenlee's Algebra 1A class.


    Composition Notebook (for Interactive Student Notebook) 

    Loose Leaf notebook paper (for homework) 

    Pencils with Erasers (NO ink allowed)

    Laptop with Charger (school issued or school approved)







    Algebra 1 course in which students will develop an understanding of building and interpreting functions, noticing structure in expressions, arithmetic with polynomials and rational expressions and reasoning with equations and inequalities. Students will also learn to represent and solve equations and inequalities graphically.

    Craig Porterfield

    Craig Porterfield

    Craig Porterfield

    Art 1 emphasizes the following:

    • Art Elements
    • Art Principles
    • Art History
    • Art Techniques and Processes

    Craig Porterfield



    Craig Porterfield


    Welcome to Modern Novels! Here we will enjoy literature and all it has to offer!

    English Comp. 102 is the second semester of the Jefferson College freshman comp. requirement.

    Comp. 101 is a dual-enrollment composition class which fulfills the fourth year English requirement at Grandview.  Students also earn three hours of credit at Jefferson College each semester.  Students must meet eligibility requirements and pay tuition to Jefferson College each semester.  Comp. 101 transfers to most universities.

            Drama is a performance course that satisfies the Fine Arts requirement.  In this course students will learn about and practice acting fundamentals such as improvisation, pantomine, developing a character, stage movement, staging, directing, and play production.  The highlight of the year is the production of the spring play.

    This course is an intermediate study of the Spanish language and culture. Students will advance their knowledge reading, writing, speaking, and understanding basic Spanish. They will review numbers, the alphabet, basic greetings and sentence structure as well as common idioms and vocabulary.  In addition, students will learn more advanced concepts such as the past tenses of verbs, reflexive and reciprocal verbs, and more specific vocabulary, Students will also become more acquainted with the life styles of Spanish speaking people. Successful completion of Spanish II is the prerequisite for Spanish III. Meaningful communication is emphasized in both oral and written work. There is also a cultural component, which exposes students to the geography and some of the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Throughout this course, students will creatively make oral and written presentations using the Spanish that they have learned.

    Bienvenidos a la clase de Español III y IV!

    Aquí encontrarás todo lo que necesitarás.

    No hagas caso a todo lo que hay abajo--son cosas de las otras maestras y no se puede borrar nada de eso.

    This course will cover the basic consepts in trigonometry- the study of angles and its applications.  We will explore radians and degree measures, the unit circle, the six basic trig fnctions and their inverses, solve trig equations, study the Laws of Sines and Cosines, and explore vectors in a plane.